MUGShotMy research interests are geopolitical forecasting, prediction markets, migration, income based welfare schemes and the labour market.

Recent Projects:

My MSc thesis reviewing the evidence for a Basic Income scheme’s effect on the UK labour market is published online by the Citizen’s Income Trust.

My extended research paper on Negative income tax, ‘Free Market Welfare’, was published by the Adam Smith Institute. I’ll be giving evidence about this to the UK Liberal Democrats as an expert witness next month

I’m also a Superforecaster in the Good Judgement Inc. You can read about our project in the Financial Times, NPR and a more detailed writeup of recent activity on my blog

I directed #SuperConLdn, the first UK conference on our Superforecasting project- here’s an article about it in the New Statesman. I give regular lectures about Superforecasting, and I was interviewed about Superforecasting on LBC and for a new podcast called James vs Ignorance

I am helping with a new event called Empirical Sex about sexuality and gender differences which also has a podcast

You should write what you think about this here, especially if you disagree- help smash my media bubble!

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