Ocean Finance- the Hitler connection?

Since the advent of bittorrent, the catchup service on channel 4 and the iPlayer, I have been seeing fewer adverts. The only ones I have caught in the last year or so are those which are award-winning and celebrated on the net, or so cheap, nasty or misleading that they make the news. As a result, it was only recently that I saw an advert for ocean finance which has been around for a while. Uploaded to youtube by the company itself, perhaps hoping for the viral success of the Cadbury’s Gorilla, it has attracted a respectable 3000 views.

Now this part might reflect more badly on me than it has on them, but the final sequence of the advert reminded me of the (Hitler commissioned) Leni Riefenstahl film Olympia. The ramping down of the speed as the diver leaps, hangs in the air and then falls is exactly the same as the famed scene in the Nazi Olympics. The two scenes are shown side by side here for comparison. The only change I have made is to speed up the footage from Olympia slightly to match the faster pace of the modern commercial.

I don’t want to speculate on what the ad director may have been trying to convey about the merits of this subprime lender, but seeing as their previous adverts have been widely criticised for their zoological approach to the working classes, it may be that the new director had an attack of conscience.

  1. TonyT said:

    An interesting comparison and really very clever. However, is there any significance in the modern day Englishman doing it head first ,while the classic German can do mit backwards?

  2. JuJu said:

    I think this was budgetary- My suspicion is that a professional diver would break the budget of a subprime lending institution.

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