Joss Stone drops the Bomb

The Smoke Fairies have the best low budget video I have come across- Shot in their flat with a prop budget of £60 for tealights, it’s hauntingly beautiful.

An example of what not to do comes this week from Joss Stone, whose brother directed a video that has leaked to the internet after a failed attempt to supress it by the EMI label. Amazing for how much it must have cost, all those badly placed lights with professional gels on them, huge cast, HD cameras- but no one thought to switch them to shoot progressive frames, hire a competent cameraman and editor, or even get anybody who has ever been near a film set to give the plan a brief once-over, leaving the whole thing looking like a shitty soap opera. See for yourself-

I doubt many here have watched this to the end, but try to last as far as 3:22, where a special last fuck-you to the viewer is vomited up over the screen.

1 comment
  1. The contrasts between the two films are so marked

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