This could be as bad as sex in the city 2.

Reading their bios you can see that they’ve all struggled growing up, and, not being very perceptive, they’ve fetishised the tokens of wealth rather than understanding what it’s for. When they say they want to be rich, they don’t mean they want to have a comfortable and interesting life, they mean they want to stamp down on the gnawing insecurity inside them by spending money on expensively branded trinkets. The commercials for these products simply press a button marked ‘fear of not being good enough’ deep in the brains of these saps and money comes flowing back in.

It informs all of their decisions. When they decide what car to buy, they don’t think about safety or comfort, they think about the branding of the badge, and hope that buying something ‘exclusive’ will give them an emotional prop next time they wake in the night feeling like a loser.

Just horrible, horrible stuff. If this gets picked up I’ll be a sad panda.

  1. k.t. said:

    hey michael, great post. you’re right on the money about these guys. by the way, did you hear about their recent meltdown? quite a bit of controversy, and these guys are running from the limelight like thieves in the night.

  2. MichaelWStory said:

    My net activities have been limited by a Middle Eastern national filter for the past month or so, so I haven’t been keeping up to date with developments with the lifepreneurs. Is everything collapsing? If so, let’s hope the cameraman keeps his footage for what could be an amazing documentary.

  3. John S said:


    Sounds like you didn’t get a chance to see the whole story. They went on to launch 12 episodes on YouTube, over 60,000 video views, then turned the show over to a new director who is supposedly creating more of an interview/documentary piece out of it. Based on their new contract they made all episodes private and turned over the rights. I had a chance to see a few of the episodes before they went private. Good editing, but lacking any business tips. Hopefully the new series is better.

    • Curious said:

      John S.

      Are you the John Stippick associated with the Unstrapp’d, Social Spin, Social Media Altitude, Free Blog Factory crew?

      If so, why haven’t we seen any explanation on any of the related sites as to why the videos were so abruptly pulled without explanation? The group members blogs are have massive amounts of broken links in the search results and some of the principal’s twitter accounts have been made private. The official Twitter streams for the official channels have made no announcements as to what is going on or why.

      Very frustrating and to those who were avidly following the show.

      Thanks for your time, and Michael thanks for your review. Very incisive and informative.

    • MichaelWStory said:


      The reply I was going to write here turned into a new post. Am I near the mark with any of my speculations?

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