Unstrapp’d: The Documentary?

I was originally going to write this as a reply to a comment by John S, who seems to have some good inside info on the most compelling entrepreneurs of this century, so if you’re reading this, John, tell me whether this chimes anywhere. It sounds like you have a wealth of info on this story, which brings together so many interesting themes and could be an amazing documentary if directed by a competent outsider.

You may have seen the fail film “The Making of a film idol” which is viewable online (though maybe not in the US). It’s the brilliantly funny story of a wannabe film producer and his descent into bankruptcy due to his own massive incompetence and emotional immaturity. The documentary was pieced together from footage taped by a film crew he had hired to shoot a hagiography of a thrusting go getting businessman; when they were unpaid they claimed the rights to the humiliating content of the tapes in lieu of their fee.

The cameraman living with the unstrapp’d crew may have some amazing material, especially if the guys in the house have been relatively candid in front of him, imagining friendly edits to cover any indiscretions.

Unstrapp’d:the Documentary could be the story of how a group of naive and greedy young men, egged on by a ‘success’ industry that preys on the ignorance and childishness of grown-up spoilt brats, took huge financial risks to pursue an unobtainable dream, and lost not just their money and credit but friendships and self respect.

I don’t see it being solely a negative film; of all the characters I think Kyle Garret is the most likeable and the least slippery. He’s at the other end of the spectrum from Chris Record, who seems savvy enough to cloak himself in the ‘passive income’ bullshit whenever he needs quick cash from a sucker without ever buying into it himself.

I could see Kyle as the hopeful survivor at the finale of this disaster movie, leaving the house a little wiser and less trusting, but still fundamentally a decent guy. He’ll have a lot to think about when he drives back across country to his dad’s house, hopefully without all the bullshit books that got him into trouble in the first place.

You should write what you think about this here, especially if you disagree- help smash my media bubble!

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