11 Signs you’re a Third Culture Kid


You know you’re a Third Culture Kid When…


1 You know which airport to go to in the event of a coup

 Cairo airport


2 You have spent a lot of time out of contact with your family


3 You know what it’s like to come to school exhausted from a redeye flight


4 You are left looking blank when people talk about the tv they watched growing up


5 You know what a panic button is


6 You are exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation at a young age from long-haul flights


7 ‘I’m not really from anywhere, it’s a bit complicated…’


8 Your heavily-stamped passport arouses suspicion at border checkpoints


9 You have friends that you don’t get to see for months at a time


10 You stay well clear of protests and rallies, those can bring back bad memories


11 Your experiences have moulded your moral reasoning in ways which leave you out of touch with monocultural peers


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