I give regular lectures about the Superforecasting project and Negative Income Tax/UBI, both at 40 mins. If you have a lecture society/journal club and want me to speak, please get in touch
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Past lectures:

Superforecasting: Gravesend Skeptics, 20th July 2016

Superforecasting: Greenwich Skeptics, 1st June 2016

Negative Income Tax/UBI: SOAS Policy Forum, Monday 15th Feb 2016

Superforecasting: Cambridge Science Festival, 19th March 2016

Superforecasting: Coventry Skeptics 16th December 2015

Negative Income Tax/ UBI: London School of Economics Hayek Society Lecture, 25th November, 2015

Superforecasting in the Broadcast Media: Special lecture at Supercon London, 24th October 2015

Superforecasting: London Skeptics, 5th Oct 2015

Superforecasting: Cheltenham Skeptics, 29th Sept 2015

Superforecasting: Leciester Skeptics, 15th Sept 2015

Superforecasting: Edinburgh University Department of Psychology, 6th March 2015


5 Minute lecture videos:


London’s 66,000 scary guns

A short talk about terrorism


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